I am passionate about furthering our understanding of the universe.

I am working on my Phd at Princeton University researching quantum computing and quantum simulation with Andrew Houck. My work focuses on developing new quantum technology to further the efforts towards creating a fully functional quantum computer and exploring via quantum simulation many body condesed matter physics phenomena.

Growing up in North Carolina, I always had a deep passion for science. From a young age I knew that I wanted to study physics and learn about this fascinating physical world around us. I pushed myself in academics in high school because I wanted to make this dream a reality. Graduating high school I left my home, moving across the country to study physics at The University of California Berkeley.

During my time at Berkeley I worked under Alex Zettl for 3 years, preforming condensed matter physics research. My work during that time focused mainly on the synthesis and characterization of metalic crystals, specifically NbSe2 and NbSe3. This work colminated in my honors thesis work E ffect of Strain on the Charge Density Wave State in Low Dimensional Materials.

Outside of academia, I enjoy travelling, hiking, comedy, and figure skating.