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Hello! My name is Jacob (Jake) Bryon. I am currently a fourth year physics major at UC Berkeley. I am interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in electrical engineering, focusing in physical devices. I have over two and a half years of experimental condensed matter physics research experience at Berkeley, as well as nuclear particle physics research experience at UCLA.


I was born in Annapolis Maryland and moved to Wilmington North Carolina when I was 4 years old. Since I was about 11 years old, I have desired to study the physical world around us. While in High School, I was dilligent in academics, extra curriculars and more, not only achieving a 4.0 GPA taking the hardest classes my school had to offer, but as well preforming in over a dozen theatrical and choral productions, wining both acting and directing awards for my efforts, and worked a part time job since the age of 16. I left North Carolina to pursue a degree in physics from the University of California at Berkeley, where I currently have a 3.6 GPA and plan to graduate with honors. During my time at Berkeley, I have consistently worked at least one part-time job, but most semesters I have worked two or more. However, my life is not all work. I also love to travel, having visited three continents and over a dozen countries, as well as exploring and hiking with friends.

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University of California at Berkeley

2014 - 2018 Bachelors in Physics GPA: 3.6
graduate with honors

Eugene Ashely High School

2010 - 2014 High School Diploma GPA: 4.0

Cape Fear Community College

2013 - 2014 Dual Enrollment GPA: 4.0

Research Experience

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

May 2015 - Present Alex Zettl Group UC Berkeley

Undergraduate Research. Research focused on electrical transport measurements of low dimensional materials, engineering equipment used in experimentation. Worked with machining, cryogenics, electrical measurements

Experimental Nuclear Particle Physics

June 2017 - Present Huan Huang Group UCLA

Undergraduate Research. Research for the STAR collaboration at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). Work focused on simulation with the AMPT model and data analysis. Publication: Event-shape-engineering study of charge separation in heavy-ion collisions

Other Experience

MCAT Physics Instructor

June 2016 - Present The Princeton Review Berkeley, CA

Create lesson plans and teach a course preparing students to take the Physics portion of the MCAT.

Art Museum Gallery Attendant

August 2014 - Present Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive Berkeley, CA

Protect art work in exhibitions and act as a liaison to patrons.

Volunteer Physics and Math Tutor

September 2015 - December 2016 PEACE Tutoring Berkeley, CA

Volunteering tutoring students in various math and physics classes, PEACE tutoring is free tutoring for students who wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise.

House President - Ridge House

May 2016 - December 2016 Berkeley Student Cooperative Berkeley, CA

Oversee motions and bylaw changes, manage house level managers and run house councils

Administrative Committee Board Member

August 2015 - August 2016 Berkeley Student Cooperative Berkeley, CA

Make administrative decisions on cases brought to the Berkeley Student Cooperative, to benefit both the students and the Berkeley Student Cooperative


Research and Course Based

Condensed Matter Physics

In doing research for over two years, I have completed many projects. Some of these projects include using vapor transport to successfuly synthesize crystals of niobium diselendide and niobium triselenide, desgin and construction of high vacuum systems, restoration and regeneration of a glove box, desgin and creation of multiple electrical probes, cryostate operation for electrical transport measurements. As well I have listed bellow examples of my research posters, with their titles and links to the posters.

Nuclear Particle Physics

My research was focused on a single project which utilized the AMPT model to preform a background simulation of Au+Au collisions. We published a paper on the work, Event-shape-engineering study of charge separation in heavy-ion collisions. The abstract for this paper can be found below. As well a poster was made and presented for my research, a copy of which can be found below.

Abstract: Recent measurements of charge-dependent azimuthal correlations in high-energy heavy-ion collisions have indicated charge-separation signals perpendicular to the reaction plane, and have been related to the chiral magnetic effect (CME). However, the correlation signal is contaminated with the background caused by the collective motion (flow) of the collision system, and an effective approach is needed to remove the flow background from the correlation. We present a method study with simplified Monte Carlo simulations and a multi-phase transport model, and develop a scheme to reveal the true CME signal via the event-shape engineering with the flow vector of the particles of interest.

Audio Modulated Laser

In a lab based class at Berkeley I, with my lab partner Bobby Ge, designed and created an audio modulated laser. Effectively, we transmited audio signals through a laser beam. This device took input audio signals and modulated a laser with the signal, then when shown onto a photo-transistor the signal would play into the circuit and the output could be played through a speaker. A full write up and report of the project can be found here. As well, bellow is an audio player that contains two example recordings that we transmited with the laser.

Audio player is thanks to BBplayer, whose github can be found at this link

Machining/Metal Work

For my condensed matter physics research at Berkeley, I have designed and machined many different tools and devices for experiments. In order to keep lab designs private, I will not post them here. However, for my machining certification training to show mastery of the lathe and mill, I made the following small hammer using aluminum for the handle and stainless steel for the head.


Video Game Developement

Together with Andrew Halle, we have begun developement of our own gaming website. We develope games using Javascript and the rendering engine PIXI. Our site is Two Nerds Games and will gain more games as time goes on. Currently we have created our first game Lunar Golf and it is live via the pervious link. The web version of the game contains 3 course with 9 levels per course. We are also in the process of developing a mobile app of Lunar Golf for IOS.

Web Design

This website is also a personal project of mine! This website was made with alot of work and research into using HTML and CSS. Also learning how to host using AWS and the in's and out's of building websites. I had help from the previous mentioned Andrew Halle in accomplishing all this.

Skills and Affiliations

Programming Lab Skills Soft Skills Languages Affiliations
C/C++/ROOT Metal Work/ Machining Time Management English UC LEADS
HTML/CSS/JavaScript AutoCad Presentation German Society Physics Students
Python Electrical Transport Multitasking American Physical Society
Mathematica High Vacuum Systems CAL Nerds
LaTeX Cryogenics (past)PEACE Tutoring
Swift Crystal Synthesis


Please contact me: use either the form or email me directly at jakebryon1995@gmail.com